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3 Steps to Perfection


To ensure a high quality of service, our cloud development process is broken down into stages, with measurable objectives for each one. At this time, we define development standards, functionality requirements, TCOs, conditions for release, and cooperation details following your time and budget requirements.


At Arc10 technologies, we prioritize collaboration. Our DevOps team works with other participants like testers and designers. Once the first feature is in progress, our QA team evaluates the code and identifies technical issues. We distribute the workload evenly to avoid having to rush later stages of development.


Under the developer’s oversight, we automate deployment practices, build creation, and product release. The features are automatically assembled into a single product. From here, we collect feedback from key users and stakeholders, then use the insights to make continual improvements to your product.

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The Arc10 Advantage

Lower Your Costs (and Your Risks)
These days, simply migrating your data to the cloud is not enough. You need a secure, custom-built cloud infrastructure that incorporates the specific needs of your company. At Arc10, we help ensure your cloud infrastructure set-up is cost-effective without sacrificing functionality or safety.
Scale Operations Efficiently
Cloud operations leverage aggregated customer densities. From a cost perspective, this makes it possible for your business to realize higher than normal economies-of-scale. This amortizes technical costs and allows you to experience a significantly lower price per usage value.
Boost Operational Performance
The cloud co-locates all operational elements in a central repository, meaning all applications, functions, utilities, and affiliate systems can be applied simply and quickly. Our cloud migration specialists help you leverage the additional operational speed offered by centralized, demand-based usage.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
One of the main benefits of cloud migration is that, when it comes to technology deployment, the cloud construct does a lot of the leg work for you. Instead of worrying about your data, you can focus your efforts on more pressing issues like new sales opportunities and business growth.
Easy Application Integration
Our end-to-end application integration services help optimize workflow between different sources, improving the rate at which you get things done. We offer state-of-the-art custom integration services between on-premise cloud or offline data environments to ensure smoother and flexible business operations.
Ongoing Expert Support
When our cloud specialists manage your cloud-based applications, this translates to more time for you to spend on the rest of your business. From one-on-one consultations and brainstorming sessions to regular reports and support – Arc10 provides you with a one-stop solution for all your cloud management.
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