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// Our Process

4 Steps to Perfection


The first stage of custom software development is conceptual. Working with your idea for a new product or service, our developers will build out the concept and create an early prototype that can be used as a minimum viable product in the next stage of the development process.


During the approval stage, we will test the market validation of the prototype to ensure that the minimum viable product has acceptance and approval. After launching the product, we will get busy with the real work – our world-famous custom software development.


Ready to get down to business? Using the industry-standard agile product development mythology, our expert development team creates iterations addressing all of your business’s most critical concerns, continuing with this until all items are off the backlog list


The final stage involves the release of your custom software solution. From here, you can decide how much support you require – if needed, we can develop additional features, fix bugs in existing products, and will always remain available for ongoing maintenance.

// Custom Development

Specialized Software Solutions

Custom Software Development
The perfect software starts with the perfect development plan. With an innovative prototyping approach and robust development plan, the Arc10 development team creates custom software applications from scratch that meet your business's exact needs. Mobile? Web? Cloud platforms? Whatever you need, our seamless integration and flexibility ensure maximum long-term business profitability.
Application Migration and Re-engineering
Need to bring an outdated application into the current era? Our expert software development team has got you covered. Modernize legacy applications and boost performance by redesigning, refactoring, or migrating facilities to fully customized functionally-rich applications. Re-engineer your software with new features, improved UI/UX, and modern security enhancements without losing the value of your original technology.
Software Application Maintenance
Maximize the potential of your current software by fine-tuning it with regular maintenance, bug fixes, and upgrades. You don’t need to build a custom solution from scratch every time your needs change – discover how our custom software development team can take your technology to the next level through post-development activities including periodic software updates and real-time issue resolution.
SaaS Applications
With several years of experience building custom SaaS applications for clients in Toronto and across the globe, Arc10 Technologies knows what it takes to get results. Discover how our software development team can create custom commercial SaaS solutions that address your specific business challenges while unlocking higher productivity, minimizing risks, and delivering an elevated customer experience.
Application Integration
Suboptimal workflow and communication between different business sources can derail progress, hinder growth, and ultimately start costing your organization money. Avoid this fate with end-to-end application integration services from Arc10. Give your business the flexibility you deserve with customized state-of-the-art application integration services between on-premise cloud or offline data environments.
Maintenance and Support
With Arc10 Technologies, your custom software development project doesn’t end with your live release. That’s because we continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that you extract maximum value from your tech. This includes infrastructural changes, OS integration change, ongoing web services support, cloud support, and so much more. Reach out today to discover what we can do for your business.
// Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Software Development FAQs

Custom software development involves designing and developing software from scratch to meet the specific needs of a business or a group of users. Custom software development is useful in situations where out-of-the-box products don’t meet specific requirements or fill a particular need.

This depends greatly on the project. Custom software development covers a much greater scope than generic or template-based software development. Custom development is more expensive in the short term, but it can greatly improve efficiency (and reduce associated costs) over time.

Our custom software development solutions are tailored to the exact requirements and specifications of each project. As such, there is a wide range of technologies, frameworks, and tools that we use. We always work to ensure that the specific technology is right for your business needs and budget.

The Arc10 team has years of experience in IT and software development, as well as a proven track record of generating results for our clients. From agile development and DevOps to managing intellectual property rights, we know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

We start all of our projects with a client consultation, and custom software development is no exception. Our team of business analysts will take a deep dive into your operations and conduct a workshop with key company stakeholders to better understand your processes and research.

Of course. At the onset of our collaboration, we will create a technology stack based on your existing infrastructure, feature requirements, scalability, future maintenance, budget, open-source alternatives, and other parameters. If you have suggestions just let us know – we will always incorporate your desired technology if it is feasible.

Project requirements may evolve or change during later phases of development. We do a detailed impact analysis to monitor this and always keep you informed about any potential budget and timeline changes.

Yes. Arc10 Technologies is a full-service custom software development company – we provide design, development, deployment & maintenance services to keep the application healthy and relevant. Our maintenance services include feature enhancements, optimization, bug fixes, and preventive maintenance.

Absolutely. Code reviews during development help minimize bugs and improve software quality. You can review the code, design & wireframes at any time.

Yes. Arc10 signs industry-standard non-disclosure agreements at the commencement of every custom software development project. Code ownership belongs to the customer once we have been completely remunerated for the work done.

In most cases, we use the Agile software development methodology. We also use the waterfall methodology.

Yes. To start this process, we will go through your existing application and review the code. Based on our preliminary analysis, our custom software development experts can provide recommendations and a proposal to take over the project.

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