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// Our Process

4 Steps to Perfection


The first stage of eCommerce development is conceptual – we need to discover how to turn your idea into a working eCommerce product.  To do this, we build out the concept and create a prototype to use as a minimum viable product in the next stage.


During this stage, we test the market validation of your eCommerce prototype to ensure that it has acceptance and approval. After launching the minimum viable product, it’s time to get busy with the real work – building your custom eCommerce app or platform.


Ready to get down to business? Using the industry-standard agile development mythology, our eCommerce development team creates iterations addressing all of your business’s critical concerns, continuing with this until all items are off the backlog list


The final stage involves the release of your custom eCommerce solution. From here, you can decide how much support you require – if needed, we can develop additional features, fix bugs in existing products, and will always remain available for ongoing maintenance.

// Custom Solutions

Take Your Ideas to New Heights with our Trusted Process

Digital Strategy Consultations
At Arc10, we channel years of software development experience into every project we take on. From business analysis to a granular deep-dive into the architecture of your eCommerce solution, we provide agnostic advice and recommendations that ensure your tech stack is solid and future-proof.
Development & Implementation
Design and functionality are like the yin and yang of custom eCommerce development. Both are vitally important on their own, and both require the other to maximize impact. We use a data-driven design process that ensures optimal UI/UX for your customers without sacrificing function.
Development & Implementation
eCommerce systems might seem complicated at first glance, but they are no match for our international team of skilled developers and coders. Tap into expert eCommerce development for the most complex eCommerce systems and the latest SaaS technologies with Arc10 today.
Omnichannel Integration
Ready to streamline your stock management and dispatch process? Our team helps connect your online shop to your point of sale (POS) system, warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resources planning (ERP), product information management (PIM) system, and more.
Site & Data Migration
SaaS technologies play a huge role in the eCommerce of today and will continue to play a huge role in the industry moving forward. We help clients stay on the right side of this by providing site and data migrations from self-hosted, custom, or legacy systems onto Shopify or BigCommerce.
Ongoing Support
The delivery of your custom eCommerce solution is an important milestone but our journey together is far from over. We continue to work with your team and make updates and changes as required. If you need help with more substantial changes, we are always ready and willing to dive back in.
// Frequently Asked Questions

eCommerce Development FAQs

We primarily use WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento for our eCommerce development but remain flexible and can adapt to your desired platform.

We can help you enter the products into your eCommerce website after it is built. All you need to do is provide us with product details (image name, product name, description, pricing, etc.) in an excel or CSV spreadsheet, and our eCommerce software developers will upload the info.

This depends on the specifics of your business. There are several different payment gateway providers and they charge different rates for online sales based on location.

Absolutely. If you have a custom eCommerce website design ready, share it with us and we will integrate it into your eCommerce store website.

These features are typically built into the eCommerce website design. If you need help enabling or disabling them just let our team know.

At Arc10, we have extensive experience developing custom web & mobile development services, including specialized eCommerce plug-ins. We understand how to balance functionality with user experience for maximum results.

eCommerce, or electronic commerce, refers to the online trading of goods and services. It is a catch-all term for operating a business online.

The cost for basic eCommerce website development starts at $5000. The cost may increase depending on the customizations and functionalities that need to be integrated.

Yes. Our responsive eCommerce websites are designed to work on a wide range of mobile and tablet devices. We can also develop custom mobile applications that integrate with your store seamlessly.

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