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Project Stages


The first stage of product development is conceptual. After discussing your product idea, our development team builds out the concept and creates an early prototype that can be used as a minimum viable product in the next stage of the custom development process.


During the approval stage, we will test the market validation of the prototype to ensure that the minimum viable product has acceptance and approval. After launching the product, it’s time to get busy with the real work – our world-famous product development services.


Now the fun really begins. Using the industry-standard agile product development mythology, our development team begins creating iterations that address your business’s critical concerns. We continue with this until all items are off the backlog list


The final stage involves the release of your final product. From here, you can decide how much support you require – if needed, we can develop additional features, fix bugs in the existing product, and will always remain available for ongoing maintenance.

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Take advantage of our various skills of end-to-end product engineering services

Prototyping & MVP Development
Every great product starts with a thorough approach to prototyping. At Arc10, we specialize in creating cost-effective prototypes and minimum viable products in accordance with your specific budget and business goals. This provides a cost-effective, risk-averse method for testing your ideas in the marketplace before committing significant time or capital.
Product architecture design and service
When it comes to product development, luck does not factor into the equation. To ensure that your product is firing on all cylinders and providing your customers with the features they need, our skilled software product developers delve deep into each product architectural layer, generating insights that add real competitive value to your business
UI/UX design
Any product that doesn’t implement a well-defined UI/UX design strategy will eventually get left in the dust. Avoid that fate with a team of skilled UI/UX designers that know what it takes to keep your customers engaged. From information architecture to wireframing, all your bases are covered when you trust Arc10 with your product development.
End-to-End Product Engineering
Looking for a trusted, one-stop solution for all your end-to-end product engineering needs? You’ve come to the right place. Our developers use SCRUM, Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, and Prototyping methodologies to align your product to the specific needs of your business, accelerate your time to market, and improve overall profitability.
Product Testing and QA
Product testing might not be the most glamorous aspect of development, but it is important. We perform Validation, Functional, Performance, Smoke, and UAT testing to assure product stability, scalability, and security. Our QA team makes sure products are customizable, resilient, and integrable at all levels.
Maintenance and support
Things are constantly changing in the tech industry. Today’s optimal product is yesterday’s old news. Through ongoing software maintenance and support our engineers help ensure that your product remains viable, with regular updates, improvements, migrations, integrations, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s only one way to find out! To see if your product idea is a good fit for our team, send us a comprehensive breakdown of your idea. We will analyze the requirements, then reach out via email or phone to discuss the next steps and create your custom product development roadmap. 

Yes. Arc10 signs industry-standard non-disclosure agreements at the commencement of every custom software development project. Code ownership belongs to the customer once we have been completely remunerated for the work done.

Our full-cycle product development services are tailored to meet the exact demands of each project. From market analysis and idea conceptualization to ongoing product maintenance and support, we cover all the bases and ensure you get what you are looking for.

  • Idea Generation, Research, and Analysis
  • Design and Development
  • Product Testing
  • Final Release
  • Ongoing maintenance and product support

In recent years, we have developed a variety of white label products for our clients including ERP, POS, CRM, and SaaS-based solutions.

With robust IT experience and a long track record developing custom software products for clients in many different industries, we have the knowledge and skills to turn your product idea into a reality. Familiarity with the agile development process, DevOps, strong product development experience, wide domain expertise, lower development cost, and an offshore development center are some of our strengths.

The cost of custom product development varies based on the time and resources required, as well as the specific technology stack and scope. For a more specific quote, give us a call at (647) 302-5612.

This depends on the specific project scope and product requirements. We can work with most standard technologies.

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