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With custom mobile app development from Arc10, scalable, compelling, and secure apps are now more accessible and affordable than ever before.

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Check out these 4 great reasons for developing a custom mobile app


A custom mobile app is a functional tool but it is also a cost-effective marketing opportunity. In addition to its primary function, a custom app can communicate information about your business and brand directly to your customers via push alerts and other marketing features.



Increased marketing opportunities lead to increased awareness…and increased awareness generates increased sales. In many ways, a branded app is like having another salesperson. Unlike your human sales team, this portable representative fits in your customer’s pocket or purse.


One of the biggest advantages of a custom app is the amount of analytical data you can collect. An app makes it easy to track site visits, most-viewed products, time spent browsing, and more. This info can help your marketing team focus on the right target audience.


Studies have shown that roughly 50% of customers prefer interacting with companies via message, rather than phone. Among millennials and Gen-Z, this number is even higher. Mobile apps with chatbots, automated booking, and other features boost engagement.

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Mobile application development services

Design and prototyping
Our industry-leading custom mobile app development starts with an initial design stage, but before we even start thinking about the specific project, we take a look at your business, industry, and customers. With that info, we can then create a design prototype that factors in your overall business goals.
Native app development
With an experienced team of iOS and Android app developers on hand, Arc10 has the tools, techniques, and tech-savvy to develop unique, secure, and engaging mobile apps on the specific platform of your choice. Reach out today to discover how we can help bring your custom mobile app idea to fruition.
Cross-platform app development
Looking for a market-ready app that works on multiple platforms? With hands-on experience working with React Native, Flutter, and Ionic, Arc10’s mobile app development team has a lengthy track record of creating cost-effective solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises in Toronto and across the globe.
Ongoing App Support
The ancient Greeks said change is the only constant…and the tech industry continues to prove this. Even the best tech requires updates and tweaks to remain relevant. Instead of watching your app stagnate on the market, reach out to our team for framework updates, bug fixes, and other critical support.
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Mobile Application Development FAQs

A mobile application can provide a significant boost to the way customers interact with your business. In addition to engagement, this can help increase sales, brand loyalty, and more. A mobile app can also help with marketing.

Due to the popularity of both platforms, it typically makes sense to create an app for both platforms. If you do need to choose between the two, some factors to consider are your target audience, project timelines, desired app features, budget & revenue goals.

Native app development involves developing a mobile app for a specific platform like iOS or Android, while cross-platform mobile apps are designed to run on multiple platforms.  

Native apps can take advantage of certain platform-specific features, while cross-platform app development offers major advantages including faster development time, reusable code, uniformity across all platforms, reduced cost, and easier maintenance.

Yes. Arc10 signs industry-standard non-disclosure agreements at the commencement of every custom software development project. Code ownership belongs to the customer once we have been completely remunerated for the work done.

An intuitive design that accurately anticipates user needs is one of the most important aspects of your mobile app. Our skilled in-house UI/UX Designers work alongside our custom app development team to ensure you maximize the value of your UI/UX.

Can you provide a rough estimate for my mobile app development project?

Mobile application development costs can vary wildly depending on the project scope and the specific technical requirements. As such, we need to have a brief conversation about your project before providing a quote. Give us a call at (647) 302-5612 to get the ball rolling!

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