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// Our Process

6 Steps to Perfection


At its core, UI/UX design exists in order to solve a problem. We analyze user interactions, opinions, and feedback to gain authentic, data-backed insights into the problem (so we can start working on a viable design solution).


Understanding the problem is step one. Learning how to actually solve it is step two. We conduct industry research to see how specific product design enhancements can potentially improve the experience for its users.


By this stage, we have some good ideas…but we want to make sure before committing resources to the project.  Our UI/UX design team shares paper portrayals, whiteboard streams, and wireframes with your key stakeholders.


Following your team’s approval of the layout and flow of the interface, we start working on the final graphics and turning the initial mockups and wireframes into high-quality images with themes and styles applied to them.


While our design team works on step 4, our development team gets started implementing the back-end functionality. When the design is ready, the developers connect the UI and bring everything together as one product.


It’s time to launch your new (or updated) product to evaluate the system’s usefulness and confirm that the problem identified in step one has been adequately addressed. If not, it’s back to the drawing board until it has.

// Custom Solutions

UI/UX Design that Gets Results

Start your product design off on the right foot with expert UI/UX prototyping from Arc10 Technologies. Optimize page layout, illustrate structural arrangements, and improve alignments to make sure that, in the future, every moment users spend interacting with your digital assets is an intuitive and responsive experience.
Information architecture design
The way your web and mobile apps are structured makes a big difference to your overall design. As one of Toronto’s leading UI/UX design companies, we take a deep dive into your business’s digital assets in order to efficiently resolve issues of system structure, content management, and navigation.
User experience development
It doesn’t matter how many advanced features and functionalities you build into your software – if the product is difficult or cumbersome for users to interact with, customers won’t stick around to find out. Our UX design team adopts a holistic approach that enhances the overall user experience and aligns it with your goals.
User interface development
The right improvements to your product’s user interface can lead to increased engagement, performance, and profitability. At Arc10, our UI development team knows what it takes to keep users engaged with your product through cutting-edge information architecture and seamless functional designs.
Wireframing is a cost-effective method for envisioning and outlining visual blueprints for a design without sinking significant resources into the project. At Arc10, our experienced UI/UX design team creates speedy wireframes that you can use to review visual info before proceeding to the next stages of your project.
Usability Testing
Bringing a new product or updated product design to market is much easier after it has undergone extensive, scenario-specific usability tests from the experts at Arc10. Our comprehensive, cost-effective testing sets include screen resolution tests, compatibility testing, crowd testing, and more.

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